JHCSC’s First Deans and Program Chairs’ General Meeting conducted

The JHCSC Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs under the new leadership of Dr. Vilma C. Grengia spearheaded the Deans and Program Chairs’ General Meeting on September 4, 2023 held at the Conference Room, JHCSC Pagadian Annex.

As the meeting presider, VPAA Grengia introduced the different Deans and each Dean introduced to the body the different designated Program Chairs under their jurisdiction. Then the duties and responsibilities of Deans and Program Chairs as reflected in their Special Order were reviewed and Dr. Grengia presented additional specific duties and responsibilities which will be presented to the Academic Committee for discussion.

Each Dean was also asked to report issues and concerns on class schedules, teaching loads, enrolment data, and classroom status and deficits. A few concerns were raised such as the shortage of faculty, the refusal of some faculty to accept the teaching schedule that was assigned to them by their respective Program Chair, and the lack of classrooms due to the increase of enrolees coming from the different extension classes. Then the provisional agenda of the meeting was presented for approval of the body.

Among the different business that were discussed are the Student Orientation schedule, accreditation-related matters such as the compliance with the Level III accreditation recommendations for BAELS, BSA, BSIT, and BSED programs as well as the revisit of BEED and BAPOS programs. It was decided by the body to create a task force to work on the accomplishment of the AACCUP recommendations to meet the deadline. The different Deans and Program Chairs reported that all requirements needed for the COPC application of their respective programs. They are waiting for the creation of the CAPAS account for the submission of the requirements.

Further, the body agreed that the syllabi enhancement will be scheduled for September 14, 2023, with syllabi submission due on September 25, 2023. It was also decided that only one GEC subject, Readings in Philippine History which is offered in all programs this first semester, would be used as the trial subject for the Departmental Exam during the Midterm. The dates of the Midterm examination reflected in the school calendar were changed to November 6, 7, 8, 2023. The body also agreed that all teachers that will participate in MASTS GAMES and other related off campus activities shall prepare a Learning Plan for each course handled. Similarly, the faculty handling courses with student athletes, performers or contestants being excused from their classes shall also prepare a Learning Plan for them to cope with the requirements of the course.

In addition, Dr. Grengia informed the body that the teacher and student evaluation, under the new administration, will be automated and all office files will be digitized. The CMO No. 63 and 104 series of 2017 were also discussed concerning all off-campus activities and internships. Initiatives and interventions on how to improve school performance in board examinations were discussed and decided that each school should make strategies to increase the board passing rate. The body proposed to create a task force to review and evaluate the College Admission Test as there were issues and concerns relative to the suitability of the tool.

Other matters were also discussed such as the travel guidelines, locator slip, college policy references, school bulletin board, document submission monitoring chart, virtual communication platforms and others.

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