Enrolment Guide

Online Enrolment Procedure – No Admission Test

1. Create your new e-mail address following this format: lastname.firstname@gmail.com

2. Prepare scanned copies (in PDF) of the following documentary requirements:

For Senior High School Graduating Students

  • Report Card (Form 138-A) with complete grades in Grade 11 (First and Second Semesters) and Grade 12 (First Semester only)
  • Certification Letter from the School Principal/Registrar attesting that the applicant is currently a Grade 12 student and a candidate for graduation

For Senior High School Graduates

  • Report Card (Form 138-A) with complete grades in Grade 11 (First and Second Semesters) and Grade 12 (First and Second Semesters)

For Transferees

  • Transcript of Records (TOR)

For All Applicants

  • Security Paper (SECPA) of Certificate of Live Birth
  • Previous school identification (ID) card
  • Recent 2×2 identification picture in white background (Note: Selfie is not acceptable.)

3. Create your JHCSC Admission Account at online.jhcsc.edu.ph

Note: After creating your Cloud Account, it will undergo technical validation by our technical support staff. Once approved, a confirmation will be sent in the email you had provided, Please also note that the system only creates one (1) account per user. Any duplication will be automatically ignored and deleted.

4. Open your JHCSC Admission Account and provide all the indicated information.

5. Upload all your documentary requirements and wait for the confirmation which will be sent to your JHCSC Admission account.

6. Applicants who wish to take up Board Programs/Courses shall undergo scheduled virtual/phone interviews with the Program Chair and Senior Faculty.


1. Many applications are pending due to the following reasons:
a. Lack of documentary requirements;
b. No requirements uploaded;
c. Blurry/not clear documents uploaded (Please upload clear SCANNED COPY instead of picture taken documents); and
d. No signature on the data consent form.

Note: Please upload again the documents at your JHCSC Admission Account to comply the lacking requirements.

2. Only those with GPA of 87% or GWA of 1.75 or higher are qualified to enroll in any of our Board Programs/Courses.

3. Applicants may send their complete name to our Campus/ Extension Class Personnel for the confirmation of the application. Contact numbers were posted in our previous post.

4. Applications with “Forbidden” remark were due to the following:
a. Slow internet connection; and/or
b. WPS file was used instead of PDF.

Note: Please use PDF for the documentary requirements to be uploaded and send it again in your Admission Account. Our system will reject all the other file formats.