On the chosen towns Zambo. Sur,
Our beloved JHCSC stands still,
Like beacon shining bright,
Of Wisdom, Culture and Light.
Our mentors kindled as the flame,
As day by day to you we came,
Plowing the path of culture and the arts,
Sowing the seeds of prosperity as we march.

JHCSC Alma Mater dear
Thru the years we’ve spent our joys and tears,
The learning years of fishnets and plow shears,
We tread with you without fear.
As we sail to stranger land,
Never fail to look behind,
We’ll rise against raging tides,
Of life’s relenting demands.
These phrases we sing to you
Mheseba ha thintulomo,
Pakaslaanami so ngaranka
Tulunghaanko, mabuhika!
Repeat Refrain