JHCSC Systems’ Student Support Services Unit Meeting held

The Vice President for Academic Affairs under the new leadership of Dr. Vilma C. Grengia called for a meeting of all heads under the Student Support Services Unit of the JHCSC System last September 5, 2023, Tuesday, at the 3rd Floor Conference Room, JHCSC Pagadian Annex.

The said meeting was focused on the following concerns: 1.Identification of the Key Policies/Guidelines and Core Process in the Student Manual by unit; 2.Identification of the Gray Areas in the Student Manual based on the Key Policies/Guidelines and Core Process in the Student Manual by unit; and 3.Determination of the Key Policies/Guidelines and Core Process to be presented to the students during the Student Orientation on September 8, 2023.

Each unit set out to perform the mentioned workshops and prepared a presentation summarizing the concerns that needed to be addressed. Presentations were done after lunch and took up most of the whole afternoon. Soft copies of the different findings and presentations were documented and submitted to the official messenger group chat for the Student Support Services.

Each unit was given enough time to be able to present issues and concerns, some immediate concerns were addressed timely while others were tabled to be discussed in the next meeting that will be called for. After all units had been given their chance to present the presiding officer moved on to discuss the remaining agenda. The body was informed that the Calendar of Activities was amended during the meeting held last September 4, 2023, among the Deans and Program Chairs. The presiding officer suggested that each unit will submit its calendar of activities.

Dr. Jonno E. Tan, the new Dean for Student Affairs and Services was advised to form a committee for the revision of the Student Manual. It was also discussed during the meeting that the units under the Support to Students Services must start digitizing all documents for an organized collection of communications, forms, and other important documents. The use of the new official letterhead of the institution was encouraged to be the main template in all written communications within the institution.

The “No Collection Policy” was also brought up during the meeting, it was decided that this policy should be clarified on the bounds it holds as to what specific collections are allowed and not allowed.

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