2022 On-going Externally Funded Projects

Proponents Title Funding Agency Total Budget
Jerry B. Superales, Ph.D. Crop-Land Suitability Assessment for the Development of Web Applications for SMART Crop Production and Marketing DA-BAR 4,957,909.12
Jerry B. Superales, Ph.D. Identifying Suitable Sites for Small Scale Irrigation Projects in Western Mindanao Region (Region IX) through GIS-Based Water Resources Assessment DA-BAR 4,703,556.32
Moises Glenn G. Tangalin, Ed.D. Promoting Private Sector-led Commercial Scale Production of Zampen Native Chickens in Zamboanga Peninsula DOST 2,758,107.8

2021 On-going Institutionally Funded Researches

Name Title Duration Total Budget
Frederick P. Grengia
Vilma C. Grengia
Darlin Jane T. Balbastro
Celemin B. Cuajotor
An Assessment of the Institutional Communication System : Basis for Developing Strategies and Measures for Improvement 12 months 135,285.00
Moises Glenn G. Tangalin
Mark E. Patalinghug
Jezreel G. Bacalso
Ronilo S. Bustamante
Rowena Libot
Assessment of Zamboanga del Sur Jail: Site Suitability for Zampen Native Chicken Adoption 4 months 86,850.00
Lorita P. Andot
Bobby T. Piscos
Myrna V. Ceño
Developing Lakewood’s Dried Porang Industry as a Potential and Sustainable Producer of a Marketable Freshwater Dried Product: A JHCSC-Canuto Campus and Industry-based Research Collaborative Effort for Dried Porang Industry Development and Management 12 months 202,031.00
Ma. Carissa C. Molanda
Nanette D. Bilbao
Lina T. Codilla
Needs Assessment on Technological Cap[abilities of Graduate Faculty and Students under the New Normal: Basis in the Design of E-Learning Advancement 12 months 235,059.00
Marlyn L. Sibal
Gina O. Sapong
Evelyn R. Cathag
Bobby T. Piscos
Physical Characteristics and Biological Life Cycle of Porang (Rasbora sp): Basis for Fishing Regulations (Phase 1) 15 months 325, 618.75
Moises Glenn G. Tangalin Production and Breeding Performance of ZNC Raised under Complete Confinement: Response to COVID-19 Crisis New Normal 12 months 317,200.00
Joean B. Palahang
Daril Jane B. Edulan
Id S. Palahang
Jerson B. Adlawon
Naoimi M. Baluran
Rural Area Parents’ Experiences in Assisting Children’s Remote Learning 6 months 168,900.00
Total 1,470,943.75

2020 On-going Institutionally Funded Researches

Name Title Duration Total Budget
Mark E. Patalinghug
Jerry B. Superales
A Green Criminology Analysis on Mangrove Protection and Law Enforcement in Selected Areas in Yllana Bay 12 months 278,100.00
Ferlou Gumintad
Mark Kenide Bastasa
Joniel Calibo
Ronald Luste
 An Application of Auto-Regression Time Series Model ARTSM for Higher Education Institutions HEI Enrollment Trend Analysis and Forecasting Using Auto-Regression Integrated Moving Average ARIMA with Geographic Information System GIS Research Program 8  months 74,836.60
Jerry B. Superales
Ruel S. Lasagas
Arnold T. Tanondong
Assessment on the Status of Mangrove Stand and Coral Reef in Illana  Bay through GIS:  Its Implications to Coastal Dwellers 24 months 1,171,639.20
Mark E. Patalinghug
Ronilo S. Bustamante
Mercy O. Caba-ong
John Dexter G. Sarcena
Junry M. Mangubat
Haidee F. Patalinghug
Crime Rate in Zamboanga del Sur: Safety and Security Evaluation 9 months 278,620.00
Gina R. Alinton
Gil Mark D. Perolino
Jeppy A. Tillo
Louejay B. Seguerra
Data Analytics Approach in Clustering and Predicting Infectious Diseases in the Province of Zamboang del Sur 10 months 277,820.00
Maribel M. Estioco
Mary Dame M. Canillo
Ma. Sheena L. Evano
Marvin C. Mejorada
Developing a Web App for Monitoring  the Rehabilitated Drug Dependents in Mindanao integrating K-means Algorithm and Geographic Information System GIS 12 months 307,450.00
Teonita Y. Velasco
Maricel A. Fuentes
Janice G. Repaso
Wenmark N. Magallon
Zandra A. Quirante
Aron Louie L. Paler
Liezel Caranto
Effectiveness of Bio-Fertilizer Rates on the Growth and Yield of Upland Black Rice of Zamboanga Peninsula 10 months 398,290.00
Joean B. Palahang
Daril Jane B. Edulan
Id S. Palahang
Jean Rose D. Cuezon
Arnold P. Canday
Nimshe M. Pastrano
Maribel M. Estioco
JHCSC Graduates’ Employment Status , Job-Hunting Experiences, and Work Challenges: A Tracer Study 9 months 330,670.00
Lina T. Codilla
Ma. Carissa C. Molanda
Mary Jocelyn V. Battung
Nanette D. Bilbao
Management on Selected Areas in Zamboanga del Sur: Basis for the Commendations in Ordinance Enhancement 12 months 166,025.20
Abundio G. Cabahug Jr.
Wenmark N. Magallon
Rickler R. Detalla
Organic Production System of ADLAI under Marginal Upland: A COVID Response Project 12 months 181,686.00
Total 3,465,137.00