Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs

Dr. Vilma C. Grengia

Vice President for Academic Affairs

School Deans

Dr. Patricia DJ. Bahian

Dean, School of Graduate Studies
Atty. Romylyn O. Regidor

Dean, School of Law
Dr. Starr Clyde L. Sebial

Dean, School of Teacher Education
Dr. Jerry B. Superales

Dean, School of Agriculture, Forestry and Environmental Studies
Dr. Frederick P. Grengia

Dean, School of Arts and Sciences
Dr. Julito V. Mandac, Jr.

Dean, School of Business and Management
Dr. Mark E. Patalinghug

Dean, School of Criminal Justice Education
Engr. Perla A. Rivera

Dean, School of Engineering and Technology
Dr. Jonno E. Tan

Dean, Student Affairs and Services

Academic Support Services

Name Position/Designation
Mr. Dante B. Bayocot Registrar
Rudylin C. Dayanan Librarian(Main)
Eleonor C. Ocay Librarian (Dumingag)
Ms. Shenalie S. Lubon Library In-charge (Pagadian)
Ms. Disie Joy Reutotar Library In-charge (Canuto)
Ms. Melcie Francisco Library In-charge (Canuto)
Mr. Cristian Baya Alumni Relations in charge
Mrs. Eleuteria O. Villarubia Alumni Relations in charge
Ms. Jeverly Tess P. Mosqueda Alumni Relations in charge
Dr. Ferlor Angel G. Rodriguez Curriculum and Instruction Division Head
Dr. Trinidad C. Abapo GAD Director
Ms. Wella Rose Dico GAD in charge
Ms. Cristy S. Udjaji GAD in charge
Ms. Janice Magsayo Student Affairs Department Head
Ms. Venus M. Avenido Student Affairs Department Head
Mr. Bobby T. Piscos Student Affairs Department Head
Dr. Starr Clyde L. Sebial High School Department Head
Ms. Levi Pacalioga High School Department Head (Dumingag)
Mrs. Janet Cabresis High School Department Head (Canuto)
Ms. Venus M. Avenido PESO Manager (Dumingag)
Ms. Sheeria Myleen Luna MAED, BSED Filipino Program Chair
Mr. Charfel Judaya MAED, BSED Math Program Chair
Ms. Shiela Bascon MAED, BSED Math Program Chair
Ms. Azucena Haya BSED English Program Chair
Dr. Rebie Marie Matildo BSED English Program Chair
Ralph Magumpara BSED Science Program Chair
Dr. Servillana M. Del Mundo BEED Program Chair
Ms. Mariza S. Balatero BEED Program Chair
Ms. Buena P. Calunsag BPEd Program Chair
Lorita P. Andot BTVTED/BTLED Program Chair
Mr. Arnold P. Canday BAELS Program Chair
Ms. Azucena C. Haya BAELS Program Chair
Ms. Cherry Mae B. Liwagon BAPOS Program Chair
Ms. Darlene Daryl S. Nayo BSSW Program Chair
Dr. Raymund A. Indangan BSM Program Chair
Mr. Marjo S. Malabanan BSN Program Chair
Ms. Clydelyn A. Lantig BSCrim Program Chair
Dr. John Dexter C. Sarcena BSCrim Program Chair
Xyrin S. Moñeza BSISM Program Chair
Dr. Emelyn D. Tormes BSA Program Chair
Mr. Jezreel Bacalso BSA Program Chair (Dumingag)
Mr. Nomar Ramoncito BSF Program Chair
Dr. Rosanilio S. Yagos MSERM, BSES Program Chair
Mrs. Maribel M. Estioco BSIT Program Chair (Main)
Mrs. Elsie S. Ybañez BSIT Program Chair (Pagadian)
Mr. Zenon A. Matos BSIT Program Chair (Dumingag)
Mr. Louejay Seguerra BSIT Program Chair (Canuto)
Mr. Yuri I. Matildo BS IndTech Program Chair
Engr. Perla A. Rivera BSCE & BSABE Program Chair
Dr. Myrna V. Ceño BSHM Program Chair
Mr. Julie R. Cabalog BSTM Program Chair
Mr. Ernesto Medina BSEntrep Program Chair
Dr. Patricia DJ. Bahian MAED Educational Administration Program Chair
Ms. Haide F. Patalinghug MAED Educational Administration Program Chair
Dr. Emelyn D. Tormes MAgDev Program Chair
Mr. Jeffrey Villaver MAgDev Program Chair
Dr. Vilma C. Grengia MAED English Program Chair
Mr. Alfred Zomar Bongolan BSN Department RLE Chair

Student Support Services

Name Position/Designation
Dr. Jonno E. Tan Dean of Student Affairs
Joanne Happy C. Hadjirul Nurse
Ms. Jonah T. Salaguste Guidance Counsellor and PESO Manager
Dr. Moibe F. Olitres Guidance Counsellor and PESO Manager
Ms. Wella Rose Dico Guidance Counsellor (Dumingag)
Mrs. Evelyn R. Cathag Guidance Counsellor and PESO Manager (Canuto)
Ms. Mary Dame Angelica Canillo Scholarship Coordinator
Ms. Mayflor Gose Scholarship In-charge (Dumingag)
Ms. Shella Mae Parami Scholarship In-charge (Canuto)
Mr. Jastin Oniot Admission in charge (Main)
Mr. Mariell Jun Sanchez Admission in charge (Dumingag)
Mr. Mariell Jun Sanchez Admission in charge (Dumingag)
Ms. Shella Mae D. Parami Admission in charge (Canuto)
Mr. Joseph M. Salimbangon Socio-cultural & Performing Arts Coordinator
Mrs. Buena D. Calunsag Socio-cultural & Performing Arts In-charge
Mrs. Mary Jane Marañag Socio-cultural & Performing Arts In-charge
Ms. Jesrel Verallo Student Publication In-charge (Main)
Ms. Celemin B. Cuajotor Student Publication In-charge (Canuto)
Mr. Kenn Mark Edulan NSTP/ROTC In charge
Mr. Jonathan P. Reville NSTP/ROTC In charge
Mr. Jumar Tauto-an NSTP/ROTC In charge
Mr. Clever Kim Delmiguez NSTP/ROTC In charge
Dr. Trinidad C. Abapo Dormitory In-charge
Ms. Kathleen Jean Ursaiz Sports Coordinator
Mrs. Alma P. Sumbe Sports In-charge
Mr. Ray Mark Abe Sports In-charge
Dr. Rosanilio Yagos Science Laboratory In charge
Ms. Lorejean Pangasian Science Laboratory In charge
Mrs. Marlyn Sibal Science Laboratory In charge
Mr.Jhonril Dahiroc Computer Laboratory in charge
Ms. Flora Mae Cogalito Computer Laboratory in charge
Mr. Alvin Roy Tillo Computer Laboratory in charge
Dr. Paulino Tagaylo Criminology Laboratory in charge
Mrs. Judith Agad BSISM Laboratory in charge
Ms. Joesila P. Bautista HRM Laboratory in charge
Ms. Lunilyn Encarnacion BTVTEd/BTLEd Laboratory in charge