Name Position/Designation
Dr. Lina T. Codilla Vice President for Academic Affairs
Geraldine Rivera Secretary to the OVPAA

Academic Support Services

Name Position/Designation
Darlin Jane T. Balbastro Instructional Materials Development Coordinator
Zandro P. Antiola, MAED Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment Coordinator
Dr. Edna Q. Sumagang Continuing Professional Education Coordinator
Mary Dame Angelica Canillo Learning Management System Coordinator (LMS)
Dr. Trinidad C. Abapo Gender and Development Coordinator
Mr. Dante Bayocot, MBA College Registrar (Main Campus)
Dr. Eleonor N. Ocay, Ph. DM College Registrar (Dumingag Campus)
Rudilyn C. Dayanan, RL, MLIS College Librarian
Erma S. Ambalong, RL Library In-Charge (Dumingag Campus)
Jocelyn C. Ungang, MAED Library In-Charge (CMSE Campus)
Dr. Myrna V. Ceño Alumni Relations In-charge (CMSE Campus)
Kenn Mark M. Edulan, MPA NSTP/ROTC In-charge (Main and Pagadian Campus)
Roel R. Marañag, MBA, MPA NSTP/ROTC In-charge (CSME Campus)
Junry M. Mangubat, MSCJ NSTP/ROTC In-charge (Dumingag Campus)

Support to Students

Name Position/Designation
Dr. Raymund A. Indangan Director of Student Affairs and Services
Maeshille T. Omaña, MAED Admission and Testing In-charge
Dr. Coleen Gay P. Villejo Scholarship Coordinator
Mariza S. Balatero, MAED Student Publication In-charge
Dr. Joanne Happy C. Hadjirul Main Campus Nurse
Kathleeen Jane A. Ursaiz CSME Campus Nurse
Merlyn C. Tangalin Dumingag Campus Nurse
Niko Marie C. Caseñas Pagadian Annex Nurse
Julie R. Cabalog, MBA Dormitory In-charge
Janeth D. Cabresis, MAED Student Affairs and Services In-charge (CMSE Campus)
Jackie P. Judilla, MSS Student Affairs and Services In-charge (Dumingag Campus)
Althea Nicole A. Paradiang, MBA Student Affairs and Services In-charge (Pagadian Annex)
Jonah T. Salaguste, MSGC Guidance Counselor and Peso Manager (Main and CMSE Campus)
Rolieta M. Mata, MAED Guidance Counselor and Peso Manager (Dumingag Campus)
Dr. Moibe F. Olitres Guidance Counselor and Peso Manager (Pagadian Campus)
Mary Joan D. Eta, MAED Sports In-charge (Main and Pagadian Annex Campus)
Yuri I. Matildo Sports In-charge (CSME Campus)
Alma P. Sumbre Sports In-charge (Dumingag Campus)
Jeffriel M. Lingo-lingo, MSIT Culture and Arts In-charge (Main and Pagadian Campus)
Joseph B. Salimbangon, MAED Performing Arts In-charge (Main Campus)