College Seal and Core Values

College Seal

The seal symbolizes the vision and mission of the college:

The circle is enclosed by an undulating figure which signifies continuity, the ever- continuous commitment of the College to improve quality of life of the citizenry within the peninsula.

Within the circle is a gray-colored gear which signifies the dream translated to action. Technology enhances the capacity and capability to be productive and self-reliant.

In the middle of the seal are an open book and a torch which symbolize education to liberate the minds of individuals from the bondage of ignorance.

The other symbols like the shield and the twig signify culture, peace, and productivity. The College believes that in order to foster development, we should acknowledge the role of the intricate tapestry of culture. Once culture is enriched, peace and productivity will be attained.

Core Values

JJustice, Peace and Unity Accountability
HHope, Honesty and Humility
CCredibility and Integrity
SSocial Responsibility and Interfaith Dialogue
CCollaboration and Shared Competence