JHCSC System launches Employees’ Health and Wellness Program

In collaboration with the School Clinic, the Human Resource Management Office spearheaded a health and wellness program that aims to strengthen the physical and mental capacity of the J.H. Cerilles State College employees amidst COVID 19 pandemic.

The systemwide activity kicked-off last July 16,2021 which encouraged every employees to join the activities. The venues of activities for the said program were scheduled as follows:

Physical Fitness Workout
Everyday I 5:30-7:30 AM and 5:30-7:30PM
Venue: Campus Gym

Mandatory Zumba Workout
Fridays I 3:00PM-4:00PM
Venue: Campus Lobby/Grounds

Sports Activities
Fridays I 4:00PM- 5:00PM
Venue: Campus Lobby/Grounds

Health and safety protocols were also implemented as prescribed by the health authorities during the conduct of the said activities.

According to JHCSC President Dr. Mary Jocelyn Villejo- Battung, health and wellness is especially important as we age because regular exercise and proper nutrition can help prevent a variety of ailments including cardiovascular disease, obesity, and fall risk behaviors.

“A well-executed program can reduce health care costs, augment productivity and increase employee retention, providing further support for the correlation between personal health and job satisfaction”, said Dr. Battung.