JHCSC Alumni General Assembly Unites Graduates from Across Campuses

JH Cerilles State College community buzzed with excitement and camaraderie as alumni from various campuses gathered for the much-anticipated Alumni General Assembly on July 5, 2024, at JHCSC Main Campus. This event marked a significant milestone in fostering stronger connections among JHCSC graduates and reinforcing the college’s commitment to its alumni community.
Organized and presided over by Mr. Christian Baya, BOT Secretary and at the same time, the alumni in charge, the assembly saw the participation of distinguished alumni, including Dr. Starr Clyde L. Sebial, Dean of the School of Teacher Education at JHCSC, and Mrs. Jonah T. Salaguste, JHCSC Main Campus Guidance Counselor. Their presence underscored the event’s importance and the JHCSC administration’s continuous support.
Although unable to attend in person, Dr. Jerry B. Superales (VPREG), conveyed a heartfelt message on behalf of the JHCSC Management. Dr. Superales emphasized the administration’s unwavering support for the JHCSC Alumni Association, assuring attendees of their commitment to fostering a robust alumni network.
In her address, Mrs. Salaguste highlighted the significance of holding such assemblies, emphasizing that they serve as vital platforms for reconnecting with fellow graduates, sharing experiences, and collaborating on initiatives that benefit the JHCSC community. She also reiterated the Guidance Office’s full support for the Alumni Association’s endeavors.
Following the messages, a quorum was called, leading to the election of a new set of officers. The newly elected officers of the JHCSC Alumni Association are:

President: Mr. Glendell I. Oyo-a
Vice President: Mr. Junner Revilliza
Board of Directors:
Mr. Alberto Ramirez
Mr. Ariel Sajulga
Mr. Ronie A. Aballe
Mr. Frainie A. Lanticse
Mr. Rundel Allan Visande
Mr. Ariel S. Binag
Secretary: Mrs. Lucy S. Blasco
Treasurer: Mrs. Jovelyn E. Merida
Public Information Officer (PIO): Ms. Jehoney A. Pacalioga

In his visionary speech, Mr. Oyo-a outlined his ambitious plans, including organizing a Grand Alumni Homecoming and establishing a recognition program for outstanding JHCSC alumni that aims to celebrate the achievements of JHCSC graduates and inspire current students by showcasing successful alumni.
The JHCSC Alumni General Assembly proved to be a significant occasion, strengthening bonds among alumni and setting the stage for future collaborative efforts. With renewed enthusiasm and a shared commitment to excellence, the JHCSC Alumni Association is ready to make significant walks in enhancing the legacy and impact of JHCSC graduates.

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