JHCSC PATHFIT Instructors Attend the 42nd National Folk Dance Workshop

J.H. Cerilles State College dedicated PATHFIT Instructors, who bring their enthusiasm and expertise, attend the 42nd National Folk Dance Workshop organized by the Philippine Folk Dance Society at the San Jose del Monte Bulacan City Sports Complex on June 28, 2024.In embracing tradition and unity, this event is a vibrant celebration of our rich culture and heritage through the art of dance. It aims to honor and sustain our cherished traditions, ensuring they will pass on to future generations.
JHCSC PATHFIT Instructors participants were Mrs. Buena Deiparine Calunsag, Mrs. Maryjane MaraƱag, Mr. Joseph Salimbangon, Mr. Jerwin Rey R. Alcoseba, and Mrs. Hannah Joy Batucan.Through dedicated practice and passionate performance, the participants preserve our ancestors’ stories, values, and spirit, keeping the cultural tapestry of the Philippines alive and thriving.
This workshop is more than just an event; it is a testament to our collective commitment to cultural preservation, and by engaging in these traditional dances, we connect with our roots, celebrate our identity, and promote a deeper understanding and appreciation of our heritage.

“Together, we dance not just for ourselves but for the generations to come, ensuring that the beauty and richness of Philippine folk dance will endure for years to come,” said JHCSC PATHFIT Instructor Joseph B. Salimbangon.
The JHCSC PATHFIT instructors and all the other participants exemplify the spirit of community and collaboration, demonstrating cultural heritage preservation is a shared responsibility. Their involvement highlights the importance of education and continuous learning in keeping our traditions vibrant and relevant in today’s world.

Soar high, J.H. Cerilles State College!”
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