JHCSC Dumingag SAFES and CESO Facilitates Training to Strengthen Community Extension Services

The JHCSC School of Agriculture, Forestry, and Environmental Studies (SAFES) and Community Extension Services Office (CESO) facilitated a training on June 07, 2024, at the Pagadian Annex, I.T. Building, Conference Room.
It was entitled “Strengthening Community Extension Services in J.H. Cerilles State College: Responding to Extension Challenges,” designed to enhance the capability of JHCSC faculty and staff to learn and understand the basics of the extension process and engage in extension activities.
The training was participated by SAFES faculty and staff, CESO personnel, and faculty members from other JHCSC schools who are involved in research projects related to community extension.

Dr. Fernando V. Magdato, Jr., the esteemed resource speaker, emphasized the importance of collaboration in strengthening JHCSC’s Community Extension Services. According to him, SAFES, CESO, and other school researchers must work hand in hand in implementing extension projects.
JHCSC, under the leadership of President Dr. Edgardo H. Rosales, will continue to prioritize community engagement and development under the TABANGE Framework, and initiatives like this play a vital role in ensuring that the institution’s faculty and staff are well-prepared to meet the challenges of extension work.

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