J.H. Cerilles State College Main Campus ROTC Unit Excels in Regional Inspection with 97.67 Average Rate

The J.H. Cerilles State College Main Campus ROTC Unit, in collaboration with Pagadian Annex and Canuto, underwent a successful Regional Annual Administrative and Tactical Inspection SY 2023-2024 conducted by Maj Bahnarin K. Camsa, (INF) PA, the RAATI Chairman, and its Team yesterday, May 9, 2024, at JHCSC Main Campus Ground, Mati, San Miguel, Zamboanga del Sur.
Represented the JHCSC President Dr. Edgardo H. Rosales, Dr. Moises Glenn Tangalin, Dumingag Campus Administrator, welcomed everyone who witnessed this historical event, including the Administrators, Faculty, Staff, Students, Parents, Visitors, and Inspectors from RAATI. Following this, Hon. Rosila Patigayon, who represented San Miguel Mayor Hon. Ex D. Ocapan, delivered an inspirational message.
RAATI Chairman Camsa emphasized the collaborative spirit of the inspection, stating, “Our purpose is not to find faults but to help each other to improve the unit. Kasi mahal ko yong ROTC, product din po ako ng ROTC. And, proud ako na miyembro ako ng ROTC 2004.”
Under the guidance of dedicated ROTC Coordinators such as Mr. Ken Mark Edulan, Mr. Clever Kim A. Dominguez, and GSO/NSTP Incharge Mr. Jonathan Reville, along with the assistance of JHCSC Corps Commander and Staff, the JHCSC Main Campus ROTC Unit showcased exceptional performance, achieving an impressive 𝟗𝟕.𝟔𝟕 Average during the Administrative and Tactical Inspection.

President Dr. Edgardo H. Rosales congratulated all involved in this success, stating, “Congratulations to all men and women who made our Ist Ever Regional ROTC Tactical and Administrative Inspection held at the JHCSC Main Campus. Indeed, this is a historical event and experience to be treasured by everyone. Kudos for a job well done.”
Highlighting the power of unity, President Rosales added, “The men and women who made the impossible possible. Believe, Observe, Nurture, Develop, Inspire, and Never Give -up (BONDING). This activity reveals that we can move mountains if we bond together.”
The participation and achievement of J.H. Cerilles State College Main Campus ROTC Unit in the Regional Annual Administrative and Tactical Inspection demonstrates their discipline and commitment and the collaborative spirit inside the institution.

Soar high, J.H. Cerilles State College!”
Stronger and Bolder JHCSC for Quality Tertiary Education”