The recent championship victory of the JHCSC Green Hornets in the first ever Asenso Athletics Intercollegiate Basketball Cup 2024 is a testament to perseverance and strategic leadership. Under the guidance of Coaching President Dr. Edgardo H. Rosales, the basketball team showcased an outstanding performance, culminating in reclaiming the coveted title after a four-year hiatus. Their decisive win over the reigning champions, the Southern Mindanao College (SMC) Panthers from Pagadian City, on January 20, 2024, marked the end of a determined journey to recapture the championship crown.
This triumphant moment carries added significance due to the concerted efforts initiated by President Rosales upon his return to office in August 2023. Tasked with a mission to restore JHCSC’s reputation as the home of champions in the first ever Asenso Athletics Cup, President Rosales implemented strategic measures that proved to be successful. His vision, coupled with the collective dedication of the entire JHCSC Green Hornets Basketball Team, has secured victory on the court and re-established the college’s legacy as a dominant force in this prestigious tournament.
The collaborative efforts of the coaching staff, led by Head Coach Mr. Jonathan U. Belorio and Assistant Coaches Mr. Jubie de Paz and Prof. Ruel S. Lasagas, along with the unwavering support of College Sports Director Ms. Kathleen A. Ursaiz, played a pivotal role in the team’s success.
Additionally, the JHCSC Multi-Purpose Cooperative (JHCSC-MPC) played a vital role in supporting the success of the Green Hornets Varsity Players by providing financial assistance for their food allowance.
President Rosales, with his strategic leadership, successfully steered the team towards achieving their common goal. The championship title symbolizes the team’s determination, illustrating how their perseverance and skill have brought honour not only to the JHCSC Green Hornets but to the entire JHCSC community. This victory undoubtedly contributes to the college’s standing as a powerhouse in athletics and reinforces its commitment to fostering success both on and off the sports arena. (JHCSC IPAO)

Soar high, J.H. Cerilles State College!”
Stronger and Bolder JHCSC for Quality Tertiary Education”