JHCSC Nurses’ Week Celebration 2023

The JHCSC BS in Nursing Program’s Nurses’ Week Celebration truly a well-planned and successful event. The combination of fun and excitement during the day, followed by a more solemn and surprising evening, made it a memorable occasion. Recognizing and celebrating Nurses’ Week is a fantastic way to honor the dedication and hard work of nursing professionals.

It’s noteworthy that the program was led by BS in Nursing Program Chair Mr. Marju Malabanan, and the choice of holding the event at the JHCSC Annex Campus Grounds on October 27, 2023, provided a fitting backdrop for the celebration.

The message from JHCSC VPAA Dr. Vilma C Grengia, where she praised the BS in Nursing program for its consistently high passing rate in the nursing licensure examination, is a testament to the program’s excellence. Surpassing the national passing rate over the years is a significant achievement. Congratulating the event organizers for the program’s solemnity, including the lighting of candles, and acknowledging the overall success of the activity is a great way to appreciate their efforts.

The presence of the Dean of School of Arts and Sciences (SAS) and College Secretary Dr. Ferderick F. Grengia and PDOHO Dr. Agnes Fernandez, along with other invited guests, adds to the significance of the event. It’s clear that this celebration was a well-deserved recognition of the accomplishments of the nursing program and a wonderful way to express gratitude to nursing professionals.

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