Presenting research papers at the National Conference on Research in Teacher Education is a significant achievement for JH Cerilles State College, and it reflects a commitment to advancing education and research. Led by School of Teacher Education (STE) Dean Dr. Starr Clyde L. Sebial, along with the faculty members, Mr. Ralph R. Magumpara, Ms. Efefany Jane H. Jumarito, and Mrs. Juvie B. Sebial, their representation showcases the institution’s dedication to scholarly pursuits.

The fact that this presentation took place at UP Diliman, College of Education, on October 26 – 28, 2023, adds to its prestige, as UP Diliman is renowned for its academic excellence. Such conferences are essential for sharing knowledge and fostering collaboration in the field of teacher education. Congratulations to the JH Cerilles State College team for their participation in this significant event.

Photo Courtesy | Dr. Starr Clyde L. Sebial

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