JHCSC joins National Parol Making Contest

JH Cerilles State College (JHCSC) officially joined the “Isang Bituin, Isang Mithiin” national parol-making contest organized by the Office of the President (OP) and the Commission on Higher Education (CHED). This contest, participated in by state universities and colleges (SUCs) across the country, provides an excellent platform for showcasing the creative talents of students.

The fact that four student-participants from JHCSC Pagadian Annex Campus, namely Rochel Balili, Jumy B. Sinadjan, Alexis Jan C. Otero, and Lexter Delos Reyes, handcrafted the parol entry is a testament to their artistic abilities and dedication. It’s also a significant opportunity for JHCSC to represent its institution on a national level.

The personal delivery of the parol entry by JHCSC President Dr. Edgardo H. Rosales to the Office of the President in MalacaƱang Palace is a remarkable gesture and demonstrates the institution’s commitment to the competition. It’s indeed hopeful that the entry will showcase the best of JHCSC and potentially achieve recognition in this national competition. Best of luck to the institution and the talented student-participants!

Soar High JH Cerilles State College!

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