BS Environmental Science Program Launches First Environmental Innovation Fair

Brilliant minds and scientific innovations were showcased at JHCSC’s Science Laboratory on May 31, 2024, during the inaugural Environmental Science Fair of the Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science (BSES) program.
The event brought scientific concepts to life through 3D environmental simulation models, biophysics eco-prototypes, and projects focused on terrestrial and aquatic ecosystem’s sustainable development programs. Students from BSES-Il and BSES-III presented a range of projects from their Biophysics, Terrestrial and Aquatic Ecosystems, and Environmental Modeling courses.
These are the following Top Innovations at the Science Fair:

*BioPhysics Eco-Prototype BSES 3 – Top 3:

  1. Water Level Indicator Gadget Sensor (BSES-III Water – Group 1)
  2. Agricultural-based Solar Powered Electricity and Water Pump Station (BSES-III Air – Group 3)
  3. Up-flow: Wastewater Filtration Process (BSES-III Water – Group 2)
*Environmental Modelling and Simulation BSES-III – Top 3:

  1. Effects of Global Warming on Glaciers and Sea Level (BSES-III Water Group 1)
  2. Drainage Nets on River Dams for Pollution Mitigation (BSES-III Air Group 1)
  3. Flood Control (BSES-III Air – Group 3)

*Terrestrial and Aquatic Ecosystem’s Sustainable Development Prototype/Simulation Project BSES-II- Top 3:

  1. Assessing Road Infrastructure Impact on Terrestrial Ecosystem in Lake Dasay (BSES-II Water – Group 1)
  2. Enhancing Eco-Tourism: Sustainable Floating Cottages in Lake Dasay (BSES-II Water – Group 2)
  3. Ecological Waste Disposal Management in Lake Dasay (BSES-II Water – Group 3)
The event was spearheaded by BSES faculty members Mr. Homer T. Lao, MSc. (BioPhysics/ Terrestrial and Aquatic Ecosystems), Mr. Joe Michael Calanda,MSc. (Environmental Modelling), and Ms. Gypsie Claudine Cafe, MSc. (Pollution), under the supervision of BSES program chairperson Dr. Rosanilio M. Yagos, with the guidance of the School of Agriculture, Forestry, and Environmental Studies (SAFES) Dean and VP for Research, Extension, and Resource Generation, Dr. Jerry B. Superales.
JHCSC under the leadership of President Edgardo H. Rosales, actively supports research and innovation aimed at improving community livelihoods and promoting environmental conservation and mitigation.

More Photos: JHCSC Environmental Science Society – JESS

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