JHCSC School of Law Launches its Student Lounge to Prioritize Student Well-Being

Through its dynamic Supreme Student Council, the J.H. Cerilles State College School of Law officially launched its Student Lounge on April 30, 2024, at 5 o’clock in the afternoon.
The presence of esteemed figures, including Dr. Patricia Bahian, the Pagadian Annex Campus Administrator, School of Law Dean Atty Romylyn O. Regidor, and Law School Professors, graced the event.
Establishing the Student Lounge aligns with the directives outlined in Legal Education Board Memorandum Order (LEBMC) No. 31 Series of 2024 re: Manual of Procedures for Promoting Health Learning Institutions within Legal Education Institutions (LEIs).
Notably, the LEB mandates all learning institutions to prioritize health promotion across all aspects of student life, including facilities and the physical environment of the schools. LEIs must provide all stakeholders with safe, secure, healthy, inclusive learning facilities and physical environments.
Thus, providing students with access to a student lounge conducive to physical activity and mental recreation fulfills LEB directives and demonstrates genuine care for students’ well-being amidst the demanding nature of law schools.
The college, under the leadership of President Dr. Edgardo H. Rosales, underlines its dedication to student empowerment and holistic education through initiatives like this.

Soar high, J.H. Cerilles State College!”
Stronger and Bolder JHCSC for Quality Tertiary Education”