JHCSC Suicide Prevention Awareness Month culmination

With the theme “Creating Hope through Actions,” the JHCSC Office of Guidance and Counseling Services, led by Main Campus Guidance Counselor Mrs. Jonah T. Salaguste, took the lead in organizing the Suicide Prevention Awareness Month activity. This event was held as part of the College’s culmination of World Teacher’s Day on October 5, 2023, at the JHCSC College Gymnasium in Mati, San Miguel, Zamboanga del Sur.

In her opening remarks, VPAA Dr. Vilma C. Grengia emphasized the significance of the suicide awareness activity for the students. She underscored the school’s commitment to assisting students and preventing suicidal incidents.

The program speaker, School Nurse Dr. Joanne Happy Hadjirul, provided a comprehensive discussion on the various causes and effects that can lead to suicidal events among students. She also emphasized the crucial role of Guidance Counselors and Student peer facilitators in preventing such problems and providing support to those in need.

In his inspirational message, JHCSC President Dr. Edgardo H. Rosales assured the students that his administration is committed to taking all necessary precautions and providing utmost care to avoid problems, including issues related to suicide, and to ensure the well-being of all students. Dr. Jonno E. Tan, the Dean of Student Affairs and Services, also showed full support for the activity. In addition to the lectures, various activities, including workshops, a poster-making contest, and an evaluation of the program’s impact, were conducted as part of the Suicide Prevention Awareness Month initiative.

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