JHCSC Institutional Guidelines for COVID-19 Response

In view of Provincial Executive Order No. 2020-09 which declared the whole province of Zamboanga del Sur under State of Calamity and Enhanced Community Quarantine starting 12:00 noon on March 18, 2020, JHCSC will implement a work from home arrangement in its offices. With this, all staff will no longer report to their respective offices unless urgently needed.
However, they must be available anytime for possibility of on-call services. This includes those offering janitorial and maintenance services.
Heads of Offices must provide clear instruction to their personnel with regards to office work and must maintain close communication. Security guards, on the other hand, are required to report on duty as their functions are critical in securing Institutional properties.
The college also issued Institutional Guidelines for all employees, and students to prevent and contain the possible transmission of COVID-19 at large.
On Class Management, all classes of JHCSC System is suspended indefinitely until the Health Emergency is lifted, Curricular and non-currricular activities including on-the-job trainings and practicums are also suspended. Instruction and assessment shall be given via alternative modes. Students are expected to work on equivalent coursework for the whole duration of the suspension.
Regarding Work Arrangements, all offices must maintain a skeletal workforce to keep vital institutional processes and services uninterrupted. The workforce shall also have adjusted working hours and or shall observe shifting. Eating in groups and other non-essential human contact should be avoided.
All employees are urged to observe respiratory etiquette as follows: Cough and sneeze into tissue or t-shirt sleeves, Dispose used tissues properly and disinfect hands immediately after coughing or sneezing, Avoid touching the eyes, nose and mouth to help slow the spread of the virus, and only use face mask when you are having respiratory symptoms. People in good health need not to use face masks.
Social distancing is imposed within the workplace. Employees must keep a distance of atleast 3 feet or 1 meter away from other people to reduce the possibility of human-to-human transmission. All employees are directed to observe strict hand hygiene.
On international and local travels, all official travel of all faculty and staff are suspended.
In cases where an employee is suspected of having contracted with COVID-19, the following procedures are given in the management, referral and reporting(DOH Department Memorandum No. 2020-0056): The symptomatic employee shall be provided with the appropriate PPE ( e.g. Face mask) to avoid further spread of virus in the workplace, and He/she will be separated from the other workers in a well ventilated room. Such case will be reported to Crisis Manager for coordination to external agencies. The work area of the symptomatic employee shall be decontaminated with appropriate disinfectants. The Manager shall report the case to the nearest Municipal Health Officer or City Health Officer for further investigation. The unCollege will provide the needed assistance for the employee (ex. Transportation, etc.).
JHCSC Taskforce on COVID-19 designated Dr. Joanne Happy C. Hadjirul as the Crisis Manager under the supervision of the College President which will maintain the institition’s Crisis Management and Institutional Contingency Plan implementation.
Meanwhile, in the event that the Public Health Emergency has already been lifted, measures shall first be undertaken such as: school premises must be disinfected to include office equipment and furniture. A general cleaning must be done. Soap and other supplies for hand hygiene must be made available in all lavatories. And a handwashing guide will likewise be posted.