The Commission on Higher Education (CHED) Region – IX, led by OIC Director Dr. Rody P. Garcia, conducted Institutional and Technical Regular Monitoring and Evaluation to the Baccalaureate and Associate Programs, Students Services, Tuition and Other School Fees of J.H. Cerilles State College (JHCSC).
The CHED team was composed of eight Technical Supervisors which visited the Organic Campuses and the Main Campus of JHCSC on March 3-7, 2020.
Along with Director Garcia, present also in the conduct of evaluation were OIC Chief Education Program Specialist Dr. Jacinta R. Tan, Dr. Jhamie Tetz I. Mateo, Dr. Joe-An G. Cuaresma, Dr. Dennis M. Encarnacion, Dr. Abelardo P. Morrok, Engr. Janeny B. Domingsil, Mr. Conrad Frubel A. Quilab, Ms. Clarissa C. Alvares, and Ms. Maxima P. Alconera.
The key officials of the institution headed by Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Lina T. Codilla and Vice President for Research and Extension Dr. Vilma C. Grengia were present during the evaluation. The deans, academic program directors, program heads, faculty members and non-teaching personnel also participated during interviews which are part of the evaluation.
According to Dr. Codilla, the monitoring and evaluation of the College’s institutional and technical programs aim to develop and implement a dynamic system which would not only help systematically monitor and evaluate the key issues of the education sector but would also be timely, reliable and tailored to meet special needs of improving the quality, relevance and coverage of the institution’s programs.
“The college as a public tertiary institution will continue its goal to improve current and future management of outputs, outcomes and impact in the communities it serves through innovative and quality education”, she concluded.