President Battung vows for “equality and equity to quality education” for JHCSC students

‘We need to adjust to the needs of time and teach our students accordingly so we educate them with life’s skills,’ says Dr. Mary Jocelyn V. Battung.
J. H. Cerilles State College (JHCSC) president, Dr. Mary Jocelyn V. Battung, assured students of inclusive privileges in giving everyone the same resources and giving each student the same access they need to learn and thrive.
This was the vow of JHCSC’s 4th president made to the JHCSC community, including guests and the student body, during her investiture on Thursday, August 15, 2019 held at Hotel Alindahaw, Pagadian City.
In her speech, Dr. Battung recalled the humble story of J. H. Cerilles State College. “Back in August 11, 2001, to be exact, it was only last 18 years ago when we were converted from our being a Polytechnic College into a State College through R.A 9159 and carries with it the growing number of Zambosurian students who are excited to be educated within the confines of the province.”
“And our first alumni became our most recognized Heroes today- one of them was a multi-awarded Math Teacher, Lilian Albarico, who continues to inspire her students as she teaches in the People’s Republic of China, while others are now occupying supervisory levels in secondary schools and continue to inspire many teachers under their leadership.”
“Over the years, we have seen the rise of professional teachers, new agriculturists, nurses who worked overseas, new policemen, new I.T professionals, engineers, foresters and lawyers. This continues to be our humble story in this part of the region,” says Dr. Battung.
In order to address the issues of accessibility, JHCSC Board of Trustees took the ambitious way forward to address the problem and established 24 external studies units to provide tertiary education to the doorsteps of every municipality.
“We have seen the dramatic change in the landscape of the local economy because young professionals are now working in their municipalities. Even those who sought to work elsewhere in the world are sending remittances to their families and that change their life statuses”, she said.
“Now, in this modern era of technology, our challenges are not anymore on accessibility but on the quality of tertiary education”. She then stressed that JHCSC had students from external studies units who topped and performed well in the licensure examination for teachers. “
“We need to sustain it. We need to provide quality education that encompasses accessibility. We need to sustain it so that our graduates can compete in the ever changing world of work and industry.”
JHCSC curricula and teaching methodology are constantly reviewed and checked through accreditations. To ensure they are compliant to the highest quality standards set by the accrediting bodies and the Commission on Higher Education (CHED). Most of the school’s programs have Certificates of Program Compliance (COPCs) that are geared towards being ISO – Certified in the near future.
She emphasized that demands for integrating technology into the classroom experience is high and need to be pursued earnestly to enable them to impart skills needed by the industry in the advent brought by the 4th Industrial Revolution.
“We need to adjust to the needs of time and teach our students accordingly so that we educate them with life’s skills. Lifelong learning must be the buzzword in the halls of the academe within the state college today.”
Dr. Battung said that the school’s investing on faculty and staff encourages them to specialize on their skills and expertise, as mandated by the institution. Moreover, obliged them to review the curricular offerings and integrate the latest trends and modern technologies into teaching and learning experience.
“If equality means giving everyone the same resources, equity means giving each student access to the resources they need to learn and thrive. Here at J. H. Cerilles State College, we thrive on equality from the most diverse sectors of the society.”
“It is our commitment to help alleviate rural poverty and will remain to be our deep commitment”, President Battung told.
“Education is not the filling of a pail but rather the lighting of a fire.” She borrowed an insightful quote by William Butler Yeats underlining that by igniting the students to critically think of their purpose in the society’s advancement in the 4th Industrial Revolution they are assured of its significance as an institution of higher learning.
“It is in the manner we encourage everyone in this institution to think out of the box and learn from every mistake we make”, Dr. Battung said. She further stated that it is a challenge that they impose upon their selves, to keep the fire burning so that those dark recesses in the community will experience the light of education’s liberating power.
“It is education that liberates us from our ignorance and so it is also education that liberates us from our self-limiting ways. For I always believe that a better educated citizenry would mean economic prosperity, as well as the advancement of democracy and social justice”, Dr. Battung emphasized.
The JHCSC Board of Trustees, led by the Chairperson CHED Commissioner Perfecto A. Alibin, headed the investiture ceremony in which President Battung recited her vow of service to the College.
In closing, President Battung expressed her grateful appreciation to all who signified their trust and confidence as she carries the mandates of J.H. Cerilles State College to new and challenging heights. And also to her family, friends and to all the people who believed in her capacity, whose inspiration, love and understanding became sources of her strength.
“Most importantly, I give back all the glory, praises and honor to our God for the great things he has done. He is my guiding light, my refuge, my hope and my courage”, she concluded.
The event was attended by distinguished guests from various local and national agencies, private sectors and chief executives of State Universities and Colleges in Zamboanga Peninsula and Mindanao.
Present in the event were CHED Region-IX OIC Director Dr. Rody P. Garcia, the SUC presidents: Dr. Milabel E. Ho- WMSU President, Dr. Daylinda Luz R. Laput- JRMSU President, Dr. Nelson P. Cabral- ZCSPC President, Dr. Jaime G. Jalon- ZCSMST President, Dr. Haipa A. Salain- BSC President, Dr. Charisma A. Ututalum- SSC President, Dr. Anthony M. Penaso- CSU President and former JHCSC President Dr. Edardo H. Rosales. The members of JHCSC Board of Trustees: Hon. Ali Mawe- Supreme Student Council President, Hon. Venus M. Avenido-Federated Faculty and Staff Association President, Hon.Phlorita A. Ridao- NEDA Regional Director and Hon. Teresa C. Durano- Private Sector Representative, Dr. Wendell Glenn P. Cagape- BOT Secetary and the JHCSC officials, faculty, and other stakeholders were also present.