One of Japan’s leading universities has offered J.H. Cerilles State College as partner to establish a joint research focused on Chemistry, Engineering and other related studies.
After the Study Visit of JHCSC President Mary Jocelyn V. Battung in Japan last June 23-29, 2019 during the 1st SEAMEO RIHED-JANU Seminar and Study Visit Programme, Representative from Kobe University in Japan has sent a letter thru email their intent to engage in a joint research that will serve as an excellent scholarly platform to gain mutual benefits to both tertiary academic institutions.
According to Professor Chiako Ogino from the Department of Chemical Science and Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, Kobe University that Dr. Battung’s visit in their respective University’s laboratory was a good opportunity for both institutions to make a network for cooperation. He also assured that JHCSC is very welcome to make international collaboration with their University.
In a statement, President Battung is optimistic that there will be more active academic exchanges and collaboration via this conduit, and bring forth fruitful world-class outcomes.
Kobe University is one of the oldest and largest national universities in Japan, as well as one of its highest ranking national universities. It comprises 14 graduate schools and 11 undergraduate faculties, and holds about 16,000 students enrolled in undergraduate and graduate programs. The institution welcomes overseas students, which accounted for a total of 1,303 students, as of 2018. It also has 3,685 staff members, including professors, associate professors and administrative officials.