The JHCSC has embarked on a meaningful journey over the last four years and exciting years ahead are in stored for all its stakeholders as it gears towards universityhood and making its presence more impactful to the community of scholars and young professionals. It has for the past more than two decades made significant transformation felt in the community where it operates, from the humble quaint barangay in San Miguel to a now sprawling system straddling across the province of Zamboanga del Sur.

It has manifested its presence in tertiary education that encompasses quality instruction, relevant research and extension and has engaged in income-generating activities that propels its local expenditures to improve on areas that needed improvement and investment. It has significantly improved its infrastructure in its campuses over the years and from its humble beginnings, the JHCSC has immensely grown to become one of the best institutions of higher learning in the province.

Adopting to new trends and visioning for a better institution, the JHCSC has continually evolved to become the bastion of quality and accessible tertiary education that puts premium on higher education reforms for the benefit of its students. We have seen how this has impacted on many scholars who has received government subsidy through RA 10931 and other scholarship programs and well as having been able to produce countless young professionals who are now helping shape local governance, the economy and agriculture, forestry and environmental science, education and social work, public health, law and criminal justice as well as in local infrastructure.

The JHCSC has, over the past four years, achieved milestone achievements that are unparalleled because of the pandemic years. It has enabled the institution to adapt to new and innovative ways of providing teaching and learning environment, assisted its students in their needs and in making headway in novel ways of operating a higher education institution in the midst of COVID-19.

As a way forward, the JHCSC will continue to invest and focuses its resources as reflected on the prepared 10 point agenda with the end in view of providing the best quality service to its entire academic community.

SUC President II