J.H. Cerilles State College – Main once again surpassed the national passing rate of the recently concluded Licensure Examination for Teachers last September 2017. The overall passing rate of 76.36% for the Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education exceeds that of the national passing rate which is 26.33%. On the other hand, the JHCSC Bachelor of Science in Education got 26.32%. For the entire JHCSC system, there is a total of 308 passers: 139 from the BEED and 169 from the BSED. The BEED has 117 first timers and 22 repeaters while the BSED has 145 first timers and 24 repeaters.

Among the other campuses, Josefina and Tigbao got a 100% passing rate having only 1 examinee each for BSED. Tagging behind is the Mahayag campus having 62.50% passing rate. Next is Dumingag with a passing rate of 36.36%; Tambulig and Canuto both having 34.78% passing rate; Bayog with 32.35%; Tukuran with 26.32%; and the rest. For the Elementary level, Tigbao got the highest passing rate among the other campuses of JHCSC. Following Tigbao is V. Sagun, Dumingag, and the rest.

Revisiting the results from the past two years, it shows that there is an increasing trend in the passing rate among the JHCSC-Main BSED. In 2015, JHCSC-Main BSED got 77.78% passing rate while the national passing rate was 41.75%. Meanwhile, the 2016 batch got 50% passing rate as opposed to the national passing rate of 33.78%. It is evident that the BSED is flourishing and on the right track in educating its students.

However, such is not the fate of the JHCSC BEED. In the main campus, the BEED passing rate last 2015 was 66.67% while the national passing rate was31.36%. The 2016 BEED batch got 68% passing rate while the national passing rate was 30.18%. There has been a slight decrease of the passing rate. Faculty and staff have put this matter on to the table and have devised strategies in order to regain the momentum of increasing the passing rate.

Part of the agenda, was to include the various campuses in the curriculum development for the licensure examination. This is to ensure that the school will have good passing rate. It is also the goal of the JHCSC system to produce competent and top-notch teachers.