RA 10931 is an act promoting universal access to quality tertiary education by providing for free tuition and other school fees in state universities and colleges, local universities and colleges and state-run technical-vocational institutions, establishing the tertiary education subsidy and student loan program, strengthening the unified student financial assistance system for tertiary education, and appropriating funds therefor. It was enacted into law last August 2017.
The JHCSC is a state college by the virtue of RA 9159, authored by Congresswoman Aurora E. Cerilles, making it as the only state college in the province of Zamboanga del Sur. JHCSC is one among the 112 (SUC) state universities and colleges, and 78 (LUC) local universities and colleges nationwide listed by CHED that are covered by the RA10931. While other SUCs and LUCs will fully implement RA 10931 by (SY) school year 2018-2019, JHCSC started implementing it in full this second semester of SY 2017-2018.
In the implementation of the RA 10931, the JHCSC restructured the setup of External Studies Units (ESU) to cater all the students and have them avail the RA10931. ESUs were under the Local Government Unit (LGU) of the municipalities and in the implementation of the said law, all ESUs will be under the JHCSC Main Campus, thus replacing the ESU name extension to Offsite Class (JHCSC Dumalinao Offsite Class). President Rosales carefully planned and strategized the new setup to fully implement RA10931 and the newly hired faculty of the JHCSC are utilized to address the gaps of this transition.
JHCSCians are now enjoying the free higher education. No more enrolment, tuition and miscellaneous fees to be paid. The students and their parents are very grateful to this blessing especially that most of the JHCSCians are coming from poor families in the province. Other JHCSCians, despite of the low tuition fee before, were still requesting for promissory note while others were under scholarships of the local municipal officials. Now, all JHCSCians taking a bachelor’s degree enjoy the privilege of the access to quality tertiary education.