JHCSC believes that education perfects life through SAPIENTIA, LUX ET CULTURA (wisdom, light, and culture) making humankind God’s procreator.

The College shall give the learners the freedom to explore the world guided by wisdom, true light, and set of socio-cultural and moral values.



JHCSC as the leader institution in producing competent and skilled professionals that promotes quality life of the people in Zamboanga del Sur and in the region.

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To attain this vision, the College commits to:

  • Provide higher professional, technical, and updated instructions in various disciplines;
  • Undertake research, extension services, production program, advanced studies, and progressive leadership in teacher education, agriculture, fisheries, forestry, engineering, arts, social sciences, industrial technology, health, and other fields relevant to the changing needs of the community; and
  • Inculcate socio-cultural, political, moral, and spiritual values.
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