As an advocate of social progress and national stability, J.H. Cerilles State College aims to perform its functions outlined below:

1. Instruction

  • Promote quality education as defined by standards set by the Commission on Higher Education;
  • Expand the curricular program offerings in consonance with the developmental thrusts of the government and in accordance with the need of the local, national, and international communities; and
  • Strengthen the competencies of faculty and support staff through a range of trainings, seminars and other related activities.

2. Research

  • Advance quality research pursuit and aim for outputs that are significant for the academe and civil society; http://enligneviagra...../
  • Establish a strong research culture through collaborative efforts cutting across diverse and wider disciplines; and
  • Utilize technology – based strategies and improving the condition of research facilities to achieve reliable outputs.

3. Extension

  • Engage its constituents on civic activities and projects applying appropriate knowledge learned and technologies developed in the College; and
  • Establish linkages with other agencies in the interest of better and more efficient extension programs.

4. Production

  • Attain self – sufficiency by means of income – generating activities;
  • Manage resources across multiple projects and schemes for a heightened productivity; and
  • Design new and innovative ways for revenue purposes.
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