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Being true to its mandate to effectively and efficiently manage its financial resources, the management of the J.H. Cerilles State College recently conducted a Procurement Seminar-Workshop at Alindahaw Hotel on February 1, 2016.

Participated by finance officials and fiduciary fund managers in the Institution, the seminar-workshop endeavors to be a participatory process in the preparation of its agency budget as well as instilling a democratic fund utilization. In the seminar-workshop, the participants are taught to efficiently manage its fiduciary funds by identifying its department’s programs and projects. The fiduciary funds are collected from the students which are to be spent for the purpose which it was created, albeit the management is primarily its custodian.

The seminar-workshop was attended by NEDA Regional Director, Dir. Teresita Socorro C. Ramos, the concurrent BOT Finance Committee Chair as well as a member of the Board of Trustees of the J.H. Cerilles State College. She gave guidance in the proper preparation of the work and financial plans, the Annual Procurement Plan, the PRE as well as other financial documents which are appropriately endorsed to the Board of Trustees. Also with Dir. Ramos was Mr. Ronald Von Rivera, the Chief Administrative Officer of NEDA IX who gave a lecture on the process and mechanism of the APP and the PRE preparation.

The President, Dr. Edgardo H. Rosales sets the direction of the workshop by informing the participants of the need to improve on the fund management of the fiduciary funds as well as to efficiently manage the Special Trust Fund which the State College is mandated to utilize. He revealed that in the past year, the management incurred more than 20% in unprogrammed spending under the Special Trust Fund (STF) which he said needs timely and effective management remedy in order to implement a more efficient fund utilization this year.

The Seminar-Workshop ended with a renewed commitment of the fund managers from the campuses of the State College as they gained insights and methodologies in efficiently managing the school funds. (by Wendell Glenn P. Cagape, Board Secretary V)

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