Clinic Schedules
Dentist 2nd & 4th Wednesday of the Month
Physician 2nd & 4th Thursday of the Month




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    Edgardo H. Rosales, Ed.D.
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    Mary Jocelyn V. Battung, Ph.D.
    Vice President for Academic Affairs
  • Wendell Glenn P. Cagape
    MA. Foreign Service

    Board Secretary V
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    Adelina A. Ursaiz, MBA
    Head, Administration and Finance
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    Regina I. Cuizon, Ed.D.
    Dean, School of Teacher Education
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    Maribel M. Estioco
    MS in Computer Science 
    Dean, School of Engineering and Technology
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    Lumabao B. Sanlao, Ed.D.
    Dean, School of Agriculture, Fisheries and Environmental Studies
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    Julieta C. Cebrero, Ph.D.
    Dean, School of Arts and Sciences
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    Fortunato M. Gumintad, MAEd. 
    Extension Services Director
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    Nimshe M. Pastrano, MAEd. 
    Director for Student Affairs
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    Rodrigo P. Millares, Jr.
    MAEd. Management 
    Planning Director
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    Ronald C. Luste
    MIS Director
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    Wilfredo M. Barnido, Jr., CPA
    Budget Officer
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    Joie R. Guira
    Supply Officer
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    Chrisme A. Orquillas, CPA
    Accountant III
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    Rolie L. Bongcawil, CPA
    Internal Control Unit (ICU) In-charge
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    Eleonor N. Ocay, MBA
    Human Resource Management Officer
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    Rudilyn C. Dayanan, RL, MLIS
    Librarian III
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    Joanne Happy C. Hadjirul,  DM
    Nurse II
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    Moibe F. Olitres
    MA Guidance Counselor 
    Guidance Counselor
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    Trinidad C. Abapo, M.T. Filipino 
    Gender and Development Focal Person
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    Vilma C. Grengia, Ph.D.
    Public Affairs Officer
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    Dante B. Bayocot
    Registrar III
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    Loreta C. Gumintad, MAEd. 
    High School Laboratory In-charge
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    Grace R. Ferrer
    Property, Assets and Management Officer
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    Jerry B. Superales , Ph.D.
    Water Quality Laboratory In-charge
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    Merilyn S. Canulo, MBA
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    Frederick P. Grengia, MAEd. 
    Executive Assistant
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    Ruel L. Lasagas
    MS in Marine Biology

    Research Coordinator
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    Roseller L. Oraiz
    Physical Plant and Transportation In-charge
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    Felicidad L. Sebial,  MAEd. 
    NSTP Coordinator
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    Joean B. Palahang, MAEd. English 
    BSEd Program In-charge
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    Servillana M. del Mundo, MAEd. 
    BEEd Program in-charge
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    Marvin C. Mejorada
    Publication In-charge
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    Rosela E. Patigayon, Ed.D. 
    Production In-charge
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    Emelyn D. Tormes, MA. Agri. Dev.
    Scholarship In-charge
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    Ferlor Angel G. Rodriguez
    Board Course Review Coordinator
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    Emelita C. Tañola, MOM
    Assistant to the Office of the VPAA
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    Elsie S. Ybañez, MSIT
    Computer Laboratory In-charge
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    Edna Q. Sumagang, MAEd.
    Science Laboratory In-charge
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    Charmagne Seinafel Gambota
    Sports & Socio-Cultural In-charge
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    Arnold P. Canday, MAEd.
    Admission In-charge
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    Edilberta G. Naparan
    SG In-charge
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